Sales Tax - Case Studies


An individual did a stock sale and purchased a new business and continued to do business under the same federal and state Identification Numbers of the previous owners. Had this client been our client to begin with, we would have advised them to do an asset sale (not a stock sale) and also advised to form their separate entity and obtain different ID numbers. It was discovered that the previous owner was underreporting sales when the sales tax department came to audit the client. The new owner switched to Krishnan Company as a client for our services.


First of all, we helped the client finish through their audit that involved underreporting of sales by the previous owner. In addition, we helped them form their own entity and obtained all new identification numbers to avoid future audits and tax liabilities of the previous owner. We also followed through with the IRS and state to avoid any further liabilities.


This was a hard lesson learnt by the client but they are very glad and thankful for the service that Krishnan Company has provided them. At Krishnan Company we don't want anything to fall through the cracks when it comes to your business. With our attention to detail you can rest assured that you and your business are being taken care of.