Tax Planning

Our tax services can be availed by individuals or corporations. We provide a complete range of tax services to satisfy all your tax planning and tax preparation needs for every type of business. Tax planning is a comprehensive process that involves reviewing each client's tax circumstances, depending on the major source of income. The goal of tax planning is to always organize our client's financial affairs in order to minimize tax liability.

Our tax planning services comprise of
Estimated Tax Calculations
Officer’s Compensation Review
Review of Audit Flags
Tax Credit Advice
Analysis of Capital Gains vs. Ordinary Income
Analysis of Real Estate
Advice on Cost Segregation Studies and its Impact on Taxes
Foreign Tax Compliance and Filing
Tax Impact of Stock Options

Each client's tax planning needs vary. We employ well qualified and professional individuals who take a holistic approach for every client. Our team can identify and implement the right tax strategies that help our clients with their bottom line.