Turnkey Bookkeeping

Whether you have a start-up, an established organization, are a growing entity or something in between, you need knowledgeable professionals to do routine tasks such as invoice creation, bill pay and provide you with accurate, timely and relevant financial information. For the past two decades, Krishnan Company has been providing flexible, affordable, convenient and scalable accounting support to help steer our clients to the next phase in their growth cycle.

If you have a business with high transaction volumes such as high vendor payments and regular customer billings, then you can benefit from our turnkey services. As part of this service we provide the following –

  Catch Up Bookkeeping Turnkey Bookkeeping
Chart of Accounts Fixed Fixed
Month and Year End Adjustments Fixed Fixed
Bank Reconciliations Fixed Fixed
Financial Reports Fixed Fixed
Audit Consults Fixed Fixed
Invoicing and Client Receipts   Variable
Accounts Payables   Variable
Accounts Receivables   Variable
Bill Entries and Payments   Variable
Credit Card Reconciliation   Variable
Profit and Loss Statements   Variable
Balance Sheet   Variable

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