Catch up Bookkeeping

Financial management, which includes everything from invoicing, paying bills, processing payroll to calculating cash flow, can be a huge drain on a business owner's productive use of time, yet plays a very important role in the success or failure of every business. Your time is very valuable both to the future growth of your business and to you personally. By understanding how much time you're spending on these business tasks, you can make better decisions about what to automate, delegate or outsource.

If you are involved in a start-up business or an entity in which you require financial statements prepared on a periodic basis, then you can benefit from our catch-up bookkeeping services.

  Catch Up Bookkeeping
Chart of Accounts
Month and Year End Adjustments
Bank Reconciliations
Credit Card Reconciliation Turnkey Bookkeeping
Financial Reports
Invoicing and Client Receipts Turnkey Bookkeeping
Accounts Payables Turnkey Bookkeeping
Accounts Receivables Turnkey Bookkeeping
Audit Consults
Bill Entries and Payments Turnkey Bookkeeping
Profit and Loss Statements
Balance Sheet

For these services the following packages are available

Krishnan Company will provide you with the following services for a monthly flat fee: Essential* Optimal* Enterprise*
Download client bank statements1,2
Convert client bank statements to pdf2  
Convert all credit card statements to pdf2
Convert all check images to pdf2
Download check images from bank    
Download third party payroll reports  
Provide electronic records to client at year end    
Two additional soft copies of financial statements and/or income tax returns  
Ad-hoc letters (retained earnings, self employment, etc.) 1 2 3
Time with Client (review & finalization - phone or in person) - not to exceed per annum3 0.5 hour 1 hour 2 hours

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