Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement can be achieved by almost everyone with the right investment strategy and good professional advice. For most people, retirement investing means stashing away money into a mutual fund. But with over 6000 mutual funds to choose from, the information overload causes many people to make the worst decision about retirement planning.

Consider this:

If you are 25 years old today and decide to put away $504 per month for the next 34½ years; assuming a conservative pre-tax rate of 8% per year compounded annually, at age 59½ you will have $1 million before taxes. But say you decide to wait another 5 years before you started saving, you will need to save $768 per month. The table below shows why it does not pay to wait!

To save $1 million by age 59½
If you start at age You need to save this much per month
25 $504
30 $768
35 $1,193
40 $1,913
45 $3,248
50 $6,188
55 $16,108
Disclaimer: These figures are approximate and subject to change

We can help you plan and chalk out an appropriate retirement plan, assist you in determining the right asset mix and the best tax strategies.

We assist our clients with the following retirement plans -

  • Simple-IRA
  • Roth-IRA
  • Traditional-IRA
  • Sec 401(k) Plans (Safe Harbor Plans)
  • Solo 401(k)/Individual 401(k) plan
  • Sec 412(i) Plans

We also assist retiree clients in devising a strategy to optimize their post-retirement distribution.