Sales Tax

A sales tax is a tax imposed by the state or local government based on a percentage of sale value for certain goods. Sales tax is collected at the point of sale by the seller of the goods and remitted to the taxing agency. Sales tax rates vary by county and state. Some taxing authorities may not levy sales tax on services (varies by state or county). If you operate a retail establishment or sell certain goods that require the collection of sales tax, you are required to collect and remit the sales tax to the state or local government.

Sales tax compliance can be complicated and frustrating. Our staff of seasoned professionals, have the knowledge and experience to expertly prepare all sales tax filings and offer full sales tax audit representation. In addition, we guide you through the complexities of sales tax registration, compliance, and exemptions for a single location or across multiple jurisdictions.

Our sales tax team ensures the success of your organization by staying knowledgeable on changing regulations and keeping you informed every step of the way. Our team offers expertise in the following areas:

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